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Choosing The Best Pound Online Casinos

Choosing The Best Pound Online Casinos

Choosing Pound Online Casinos

Now here's the trick when choosing the best pound or UK online casinos – search the casino's website to find its payout percentage or percentage payouts as they are also known. The payout percentages are the percentage ratios of what you as an online gambler will get back from the casino as an average. So, for example, say you select a top pounds online casino which has a published overall payout percentage of 97%. What this means, in effect, is that of every pound bet by gamblers on that online casino, 97 pence is paid out to players as winnings while the casino retains three pence.

Choosing The Best Pound Online Casinos every pound

This is known as the house or casino edge which explains how online casinos manage to stay in business, by retaining 3 pence of every pound gambled! So, the point is to find online casinos to gambler on that offer the highest payout percentages. Any UK online casino that offers a payout percentage over say 96. 5%, it is definitely worth playing on. However, if you come across any online casinos that offer percentage payouts lower than that or don't publish their payout percentages at all, stay well clear. If you would like to save yourself some time and effort, here's a best online casino that is certainly worth spending some time and money on.

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