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Common Online Casino Payment Methods

Common Online Casino Payment Methods

Casino Payment Methods

So you've found a safe, secure and reputable online casino. Then what? Then you need to download the online casino's gambling software and activate your personal casino account. The next step is to select a method of payment to deposit your playing funds with, whether you're playing on US or UK based online casinos. However, this is where it can get a little tricky as there are so many different online gambling payment methods to choose from. Rest assured that while the vast majority of them are secure and reputable. You just need to select the method that best suits your needs.

Common Online Casino Payment Methods most popular

Below we have included an alphabetized list of the most common online casino methods of payment and a short description of each: 1-900 numbers. A great option where your phone bill is charged. Checks Many online casinos accept checks subject to a standard clearance period. (Not the fastest method of payment). Citadel One of the most popular, safest and securest payment methods. All you require to use this method is a valid checking account at any US based bank or financial institution. (A favorite among American online  gamblers). Credit Cards Contrary to popular belief, not one of the most popular methods because many US banks have policies against processing credit card transactions involving online gambling. FirePay A fantastic option for holders of US bank accounts. Money bookers A fast and reliable method of processing funds using regular email NETeller This is probably the favorite online method of payment by Internet gamblers. Prepaid ATMT his is a handy method because it involves an ATM card that can be used any online purchases, transfers and standard ATM withdrawals. Another plus is that a physical bank account is not required. Western UnionAn old but reliable form of payment. (Cash and credit cards are accepted). Wire TransfersThis is a payment method preferred by most online casinos. In fact, many online casinos reward their players with additional bonuses for using wire transfer as a payment method.

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